Business Model
We render wind power plant life cycle solutions from project consulting, equipment purchasing, engineering construction, project O&M to project financing inclusive to partners.
As an integrated wind power plant service provider, we keep using our best endeavor to ensure the best rate of return, minimum risk and maximum income for each project.
Service Advantages
Performance monitoring
With rich experience in the new energy industry, we have established a wind power plant life cycle service system incorporating a remote service system featuring real-time responsiveness. This system can find and resolve performance problems of wind generator sets, so as to secure normal operation of relevant wind power plants.
Revenue optimization
Based on practical performance data of wind power plants, we work out plans for optimization, from which, the most cost-effective one will be selected through a system-based evaluation on the economical efficiency of the project plans.The system is also available for calculating the grid-connected electricity rates.
Financial Services
1. We can relieve owners of the burden of equipment funding by offering equipment loan and financial leasing services.
2. Our construction loan service is intended for finalizing preliminary payments to grid-connected power generation of wind power projects.
3. With financial resort to equipment mortgage/financial leasing + construction loan, we can fundamentally remove “intractable” problems of private wind power enterprises, such as inadequate funding for project initiation, financing difficulty and high financing cost