Business Model
We render wind power plant life cycle solutions from project consulting, equipment purchasing, engineering construction, project O&M to project financing inclusive to partners.
As an integrated wind power plant service provider, we keep using our best endeavor to ensure the best rate of return, minimum risk and maximum income for each project.
Scope of Implementation
Strengths of Distributed PV
Optimization of fixed assets
Get extra earnings from power station construction by making the best use of industrial and commercial roof materials
Low cost for consumption of electricity
Reduce the payback period from investment as the electricity generated is consumed by enterprises with priority, the rest of which will be sold to the grid
Conservation of roof materials Get effective protection on the roof from modularized parts under professional design and installation
Regulation of internal
temperature Keep the roof from being exposed in the sun and regulate the building temperature with the help of PV parts

Procedures for Implementation
Field Surveying
Program Design
of Works
Acceptance & Commissioning
Project Declaration
Project Investment
Grid-connected Power Generation
Cooperative Model
1. We secure input of all facilities needed for power station construction; install the power station with relevant grid-connected O&M services; and effect insurances for the power station within the period of energy management agreement.
2. The energy management partnership lasts for twenty-five years and follows the pattern of power generation by self-contained power plant and extra electricity sold to grid; during the period of cooperation, target enterprises do not need to bear any rental charges; besides, target enterprises are granted 15% off discount relative to original grid rates for electric supply and settle electricity charges by month with VAT invoices issued by Zhong Hai Deli.
Project Cases
Hebei Xingtai Nantong Electric Appliance 4MW Rooftop PV Power Station Project
3.6MW Rooftop PV Power Station for Shandong Tai’an Yinghua Environmental-friendly Technology Co., Ltd.
Anhui Soyea Steel Structure 7.3MW Rooftop PV Power Station Project
5.2MW Rooftop PV Power Station for Henan Zhengzhou Sci-tech Park