Business Model
Rooted in the NEV ecosystem, we originate an NEV Internet integrating the Internet of chargers, Internet of vehicles and Internet. Through the provision of total charging infrastructure solutions featuring “reliability, efficiency and intelligence”, we entitle NEV owners to a full range of convenient and quick services via our platform at any time and place.
Scope of Business
Vehicle Operators
Catering to characteristics of operations of vehicle operators such as bus companies and taxi companies, we erect dedicated quick charging facilities.
Property Companies
We build charging facilities in shopping malls, office buildings, residential quarters, and elsewhere, which are managed by appropriate property management companies.
Car Brands
We build and run charging facilities for NEV brands in shopping malls, office buildings, residential quarters, civil airports, etc.
Scenario integration and vehicle recognition

We can meet charging demand under diverse applied scenarios and set a limit on access of specific brands and types of cars through vehicle recognition

High-efficiency charging and full compatibility

Over 95% of electricity is convertible, lowering energy consumption and gratifying charging demand of majority of cars on market

Interconnected platforms with quick response

Apart from a cloud-based monitoring system, we also furnish customers with the world’s best 24/7 monitoring and maintenance services geared to industrial characteristics

Intelligent Terminal
Quick search
Remote appointment
Charging by code scanning
Real-time view
Project Cases
Electric Bus Charging Station
Electric bus charging station is a fast, efficient, and safe one-stop charging solution for electric buses, where high-power chargers predominate in conjunction with a wide selection of functions including intelligent control, backend management, footage, etc.
Private Electric Car Charging Station
In a public charging station, fast charging piles play a vital part, complemented by super-fast charging piles. The design is intended to meet fast charging demand of various types of vehicles available on market and secure efficient charging for the vehicles
Logistics EV Charging Station
Electric transporters are typically concerned with short- and mid-haul deliveries and run under a fixed schedule. They are usually charged as a whole. Thus, we equip relevant charging stations with medium- and high-power chargers for meeting the fast charging demand of the vehicles while alleviating the pressure of power distribution confronting the charging stations